Gina DeBoer

As a lifelong Christian, I am still amazed where God leads me. I grew up in Wisconsin with the hopes of getting married, raising a family, and helping others. I became a Registered X-ray technologist and Mammographer right after high school and landed a good job in the medical field helping people! I met Greg, we married, and we have been blessed with four wonderful children. My life was flowing perfectly according to my plan. But......God had some different plans for me. While supporting my husband through seminary, moving to our first call, and getting settled into Immanuel-Independence, God has been teaching me what serving Him really means. As a wife, mother, youth director, and pastor's wife (and yes, that is a separate title), I have the opportunity to share God's LOVE with so many people. I choose to LIVE my life planting seeds in the lives of the youth at Immanuel. I want to GIVE my children, and all the youth I can reach, a safe place to learn about our Lord, ask questions, grow their relationship with Jesus, and serve other's as Christ has instructed us to do.
gina deboer